The Social Cognitive and Addiction Neuroscience lab (SCANlab) is dedicated to understanding how people think about and respond to others, how aspects of the social world influence risk for alcohol and other drug use and abuse, and how brain and behavior interact to provide answers to these and related questions. In particular, research in the SCANlab is focused on discovering:

  • How basic cognitive processes interact with motivation and emotion to guide goal-directed behavior
  • How alcohol consumption influences cognitive and affective processes, and how changes in these processes influence social behavior
  • Biobehavioral markers of risk for heavy drinking and alcohol use disorder, and how these relate to certain individual differences such as sensitivity to alcohol’s acute effects
  • Effects of social group variables, such as race and gender, on basic social perception processes and biases in cognition and behavior

Our lab provides several opportunities for training and education in social neuroscience and alcohol research.

Recent Lab News

  • SCANLab graduate student, Kelsey Irvin, receives Distinguished Master's Thesis Award and a Life Sciences Poster Award
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  • Dr. Roberto Cofresí joins the SCANlab as a post-doc
  • We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Roberto Cofresí to the lab. Dr. Cofresí received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Austin in 2018. His research interests include the neurobiology of incentive sensitization in alcohol use disorder, and translation of preclinical (animal) models to humans.

  • SCANlab graduate student, Hannah Volpert-Esmond, receives a predoctoral fellowship (F31) from the National Institutes of Health
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  • SCANlab director Bruce Bartholow and colleague Thomas Piasecki receive new NIH grant to study the association between alcohol sensitivity, reactivity to alcohol-related cues in the lab, and drinking and related behaviors in the natural environment
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  • SCANlab graduate student and MU Life Sciences Fellow, Hannah Volpert-Esmond, wins Best Oral Presentation at Missouri Life Sciences Week
  • The annual Missouri Life Sciences week festivities include several poster sessions, during which MU graduate students from life sciences departments across campus present their research findings. This year, Hannah Volpert-Esmond was selected as the winner of the Best Oral Presentation Award, meaning she was judged to have given the best explanation of her research and best responses to judges’ questions.

  • SCANlab director Bruce Bartholow wins 2016 Chancellor’s Award for Research and Creative Activity
  • Every two years the Chancellor’s Awards Committee selects one mid-career faculty member in the Behavioral and Social sciences who has “made outstanding contributions in research and/or creative activity and has great promise for achieving wider recognition.” Dr. Bartholow was honored as the 2016 awardee.

  • SCANlab director Bruce Bartholow selected for Fellow status in the Association for Psychological Science
  • Dr. Bartholow was named an APS fellow in recognition of “sustained and outstanding distinguished contributions to psychological science.” He is very grateful to his colleague and friend, Dr. Kenneth Sher, for nominating him for this honor.

  • SCANlab student Hannah Volpert wins 2015 Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR) Student Travel Award
  • Hannah Volpert will receive funds to defray the cost of her attendance at the SPR annual meeting in Seattle, WA in September.

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  • Post-doc Liana Hone joins the SCANlab
  • We are very pleased that Dr. Liana Hone, whose research focuses on the evolutionary bases of risk-taking behaviors, has joined the SCANlab.

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  • SCANlab Graduate Students Awarded Summer Grant Writing Fellowships for 2015
  • Curt Von Gunten and Meredith Johnson were both awarded 2015 summer grant writing fellowships from the Department of Psychological Sciences.

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  • Post-doc Ozlem Korucuoglu joins the SCANlab
  • Although rather old news by now, we were joined in September of 2014 by Ozlem Korucuoglu, a researcher specializing in adolescent alcohol use and other risky behaviors.

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  • Graduate Student Jorge Martins joins the SCANlab
  • We’re pleased to welcome our first international graduate student, Jorge Martins, to the SCAN lab.

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